Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day Pi Day

Today was Pi Day!  On Monday, I announced to my kiddos that we would be having a celebration.  I challenged them to memorize as many digits of pi as possible for our "Pi Bee" and I told them that if they decorated a t-shirt for Pi Day and wore it, I would give them a free homework pass.  We had a blast today!  Each class had their own Pi Bee and I think almost everyone memorized at least ten digits (including me).

I started the day off with my seventh grade homeroom.  Last year, I wrote a Pi Day activity involving Oatmeal pies, which I used to review several different topics using the digits of pi and facts the kids found out about the oatmeal pie.  
You can download this activity at my TpT store.
Because I had my eighth graders as seventh graders, I decided not to use the same Pi Day oatmeal pie activity and wrote a brand new one geared more toward their standards of learning.  I looked up the menu for a local pizzeria and used that info to create a great review.  Once they finished the pizzeria math, they got to use an Moon Pie to do some discovery and calculations - you can tell from the pictures how much they loved this.

Down this activity at my TpT store (click the picture)
 My last period seventh graders had the privilege of being in my room at 1:59:26.  On Fridays they have a countdown to 2:00 and the chant "Friday Friday", so I suggested that today we countdown until 1:59:26 and chanted "Pi Day Pi Day"!  Very exciting!  In addition to the oatmeal pie activity I did with my homeroom seventh graders, I also had this class make a pie graph to represent how often each of the digits occurs in the first 100 digits of pi since we had just studied circle graphs this week.

All in all, a very fun Pi Day!

Moon Pie Math

Moon Pie Math

Oatmeal Pie Math

Happy about Pi!

Pi Day shirt!

Oatmeal Pie fun!

Oatmeal Pie Math

Working together

Enjoying Oatmeal Pies

Pi Day shirts

Pi Day Shirts

Enjoying Moon Pies

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